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Integrating Custom Mugs Into Your Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is a huge and complex topic, with an almost limitless number of approaches. If you're looking for a great and inexpensive way to give your business's physical marketing presence a boost, however, there are few options that are as effective as branded merchandise. Once you've chosen to integrate branded merchandise into your physical marketing strategy, you must also select the right merchandise as well as the best way to make it a part of your larger marketing plan.

The Advantages of Branded Mugs

When it comes to branded physical merchandise, it's hard to go wrong with mugs. Many companies choose to brand small items, such as pens or USB flash drives. While there is nothing wrong with taking this approach, any branding on these items is usually much too small to be noticeable by anyone other than the user. This can be a good option to help build brand loyalty and to keep your branding fresh in the minds of customers, but its ability to reach others is limited. Smaller items also tend to be easier to lose, while technological devices become outdated quickly and are often discarded.

Mugs avoid many of these pitfalls. Mugs are large enough to have prominent branding that both reinforces your brand image in the mind of existing customers while also being noticeable to those around them. Additionally, mugs are practical enough that many people will choose to keep them and use them. Since mugs that are given away may be viewed as disposable, this may encourage people to take them outside of the home since they will be less concerned about losing them. Although this might not seem like an advantage, it means that the impact of your marketing purchase will reach much farther than it would otherwise.

Choosing the Right Branding

Getting branded merchandise right is about more than just tossing your logo onto a mug, although many companies do stop here. It is important to understand that most people will not necessarily be scrutinizing the cups that the people around them are drinking from. This means that a plain logo may not be sufficiently eye-catching. Likewise, text-heavy logos may appear too small when printed on a mug or may be too difficult to easily read and understand.

When selecting the branding to place on your custom corporate mug, keep these issues in mind. If you believe that your existing logo is already sufficiently eye-catching and recognizable, then feel free to use it as is. If not, then hiring a professional graphic designer to integrate your logo into a more impactful mug design should help to extend the reach of your campaign.

Choosing a Distribution Strategy

Having the physical products isn't enough: you need to get them into the hands of customers and potential customers. Choosing and implementing a distribution strategy is one of the most difficult aspects of using physical merchandise as a marketing tool. While the plan you develop will need to be specific to your business and integrated with your current marketing campaign, there are several important factors to keep in mind:

  • Distribution can be costly; you should aim to distribute as much product as possible in a single event
  • It is important that your merchandise reach potential customers — it is not sufficient to simply distribute items to anyone
  • People are more inclined to take promotional materials if they are given along with useful items, so consider distributing your mugs alongside brochures, flyers, etc.
  • Utilize advertising to promote your merchandise; useful and free items such as mugs can potentially draw a huge crowd

When integrated into a larger marketing strategy, branded items can be a great way to reach more customers while also providing them with truly valuable items that will help to keep your brand fresh in their mind.