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3 Reasons You Need A Few Custom Flags As An Author

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As an author, most of your work is done out of the public eye, tucked away in your office or preferred writing spot. However much you may love writing for a living, part of making it as a successful author relies on how well you can market yourself. This means that just like other professionals, there are certain marketing materials you will definitely need. One thing you should order for yourself is a few custom flags that display your author name and maybe the names of your written works or your contact information. Take a look at a few events when using these custom flags can be highly advantageous:

During Book Signings 

Your latest release is scheduled to hit the shelves at the local bookstore and along with it, you get to have a live signing on site. This is an exciting time as an author, but it is also a time when you need to beef up your marketing game. A book signing can be one of the first times the public interacts with you, which means it is the perfect time to get your face and name recognized by onlookers. Potentially everyone at the bookstore on the day of the signing will want to know who you are, and custom flags set up around your table will speak without you saying a word. 

During Writing Conventions 

Writers conventions are often filled with booths where writers can set up and share their works and share guidance to other aspiring authors there to reap information on the craft. If you plan to attend a writers convention and will be part of the guest list who will be there to share expertise, the custom flags will truly be useful. These flags will give you the professional appearance among a crowd of fellow professionals. 

During New Release Displays at the Local Library

Local libraries are often proud supporters of the authors who publish works from the area. Therefore, when you have a new book released, they will probably be happy to set up a table or a shelf to display your book. If they do, offering to provide a custom flag to display as well will probably a welcomed thing. The flag will draw attention to your new book at the library, but will also help give visitors an idea of who you are and what you are all about as an author. 

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